5 Unique and Best Beaches in the World (Perfect for Holiday)

There are many options of the best beaches in the world. Beach is the most favorite place to spend weekends or holiday. It offers the scenery which represents freedom. Then, the sound of the rolling wave can make our mind calmer.

Some beaches are really unique. What are they? What makes them unique? Here is a list of the best unique beaches you need to visit on holiday, especially in the summer.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

First, there is Eagle Beach which is located in Aruba. This popular beach is really wide. It has white sands which are really soft. Many people have sunbathing here. However, it’s not a nude beach even though it’s a public beach.

Santorini Beach

Another best beach is Santorini beach. It is located in Greece. This beach is really unique because the sands are composed of pebbles and volcanic sands. The view is really wonderful since the visitors can also see the volcano from here.

Another thing which makes it a unique beach is the water. There is a soft crystal covering the water. It is because the sands are quite coarse. Besides the beach and the volcano, you can also enjoy other things while visiting this place.

Glass Beach

One of the best beaches in the world comes from California. It is called Glass Beach. If the common beaches have sand, this beach also has glasses. These glasses come from the dumping garbage. However, you need to be careful while walking around the coastline of this beach by protecting your feet

Pink Sand Beaches

Usually, beaches have black sand or white sand. However, there are also beaches with pink sands. The color comes from the corals which are shattered. There are many beaches which have pink sands. Some of the pink sand beaches are considered as best by many people.

  • Pink Sand Beach Bahamas

One of the pink sand beaches is on Bahamas. Even though this beach is famous because of its pink sand, the water on this beach is also great. The water is as blue as the clear sky. If you like to swim and snorkel, this beach will be perfect for you to spend the holiday.

  • Crane Beach

The pink sand beach is adored by many people. Crane Beach which is located in Barbados also has pink and soft sands. In 2015, it becomes the best beach in the Caribbean. Besides its pink sands, this public beach also offers its visitor to swim, surf, and have a boogie board.

  • Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the next pink sand beach which is considered as the best beach. The strength of this beach is not only located on the sands, but also on the azure water. In addition, it also has a hidden cave which can be explored by its visitors.

Maldives Beach

Maldives Beach

Everybody knows that Maldives Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Millions of people visit beaches in the Maldives every year. Yes, there are numerous beaches in the Maldives and all of them are great. In some beaches, you can do snorkeling under the islands. Really interesting, isn’t it?

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