5 Fantastic Tropical Beach Spots (Great Warm Holiday Destinations)

Holiday can be too dull if you are not going out and see the world. There are many spectacular places that you should visit. Tropical beach is definitely placed on top of the list.

You are going to get a whiff of clear salty water and the most beautiful scenery. It usually also offers various kinds of activities that can help releasing tensions. Let’s see the recommendation list below.

Ehukai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Ehukai Beach

This beach is located in the northern shore of Oahu. The light colored sand and aqua water is inviting you to jump in. It is suggested to visit the beach during spring and summer. But if you are into thrilling surfing experience, it is great to visit this beach from October to April.

There are many other activities you can do here besides surfing. During calm seasons, you can explore Ehukai by body boarding. Fishing is also a recommended activity in here because the highly diverse water ecosystem.

Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Maya Bay is an infamous beach that gains popularity since it became setting for a Hollywood movie. It is surrounded by boulders. The clean white sand and crystal water makes it a sight to behold. The best time to visit this beach is from November to April.

Snorkeling is a fun water activity you can enjoy there. The beach is blessed by rich underwater ecosystem. You can see exotic schools of fish and various colored corals. Perhaps the biggest downside of this beach is the crowd.

Matira Beach in Bora-Bora

You can enjoy underwater sight by walking along its plush sand because the water is so clear here. It is well visited anytime in a year because the calm water of Polynesia. The beach is a perfect getaway place since it is never too crowded.

Spending the day sunbathing is great if you want to ease some tensions from your daily routines. You can also enjoy water activities like jet skiing and diving. This tropical beach offers you great below the water sight to revel in.

Cala Deia in Mallorca, Spain

This beach definitely has a unique vibe. It is surrounded by rocky land and coves. The water is turquoise colored and relatively shallow. When the sun shines, this place emits warmth and calamity. It can be visited anytime of the year. Here are some things you can do in Cala Deia.

  • Snorkeling in its shallow water.
  • Scuba diving with local diver.
  • Rock climbing on surrounding boulders.
  • Enjoying local cuisines of Mallorca.

Ora Beach in Maluku, Indonesia

Ora Beach

Ora Beach is located in Seram Island. The water is magical clear blue. This beach area is surrounded by hills and forest. It certainly has its own charm. The beach can be reached by ferry ship that goes to and from there twice a day.

You can enjoy diving and snorkeling in shallow water to enjoy the amazing and natural biodiversity. Kayaking is another fun activity to do in this tropical beach. Visiting nearby national park to see endemic species is also an option.

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