Tony Blair and His Legacy as the Prime Minister

There are many people who have become the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, and Tony Blair is one of the most famous ones. He got the position in 1997 and worked until 2007.

Tony Blair is known as one of the youngest people who become Prime Minister. However, it is not the only interesting thing about him.

Early Life and Career of Politic

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His full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. He was born in Edinburg on May 6, 1953. He studied in University of Oxford and he had interest in studying law. Specifically, he had concern in religion and music.

Although he would become prime minister, he had no interest in politics at first. Because of his career in law, then he got involved in Labour Party. Even he got chosen as the House of Commons.

He was not ordinary man. His voice was loud and it made him known in the Party. Even, he got chance to become party leader. These were stairs leading him to be the prime minister.

First Term as Prime Minister

In his first term, he was known with the idea of Third Way. It became his responses toward the challenges in economy. He said that it could emphasize on social democracy to face the globalization.

Blair was also good person in negotiation. He made many negotiations. Even, he led referendum campaign in 1998. The campaign really changed the politic and it gave good impacts.

However, there were some issues regarding the economy and policies while he led as prime minister. These weakened his positions. However, it did not make him lost his popularity.

Second and Third Term As Prime Minister

It is true that he never lost his popularity. It was proven when he was chosen as Prime Minister for the second chance. He was elected again in 2001. In the second term, international affairs became the main concerns.

In his second term, world also faced the tragedy of terrorism. In this term also, Blair had good relation with US president, George W. Bush. Both of them also tried to gain supports in many diplomacies.

Although his decision regarding the policy in Iraq made him less popular, he still got the third chance as Prime Minister. However, he and his Party could not defend the power. Then, he announced that he would resign on June 2007.

Legacy of Tony Blair

In his three terms as Prime Minister, Tony Blair has many legacies. One of them is about the economic growth. It cannot be denied that United Kingdom got good economic growth and Bank of England was like obtaining fertilizer.

Then, Blair also had concern for social justice. Many minority groups obtained better environment to breathe because of Blair. The policies and sympathy for these groups are great legacy.

Then, the other legacy is related to this policy in managing the conflict in Middle East. It may not be good legacy of him since he lost most of his popularities due to the policy he made.

Personal Life

10 years are enough for Blair to become the Prime Minister. However, it does not stop him to shine. He got many legacies. Then, he also maintained good relationship with many nation leaders, especially leader of US.

One of the interesting personal lives is about his religion. He converted to the Roman Catholic and it was quite special since he was the first Roman Catholic prime minister.

He also wrote and published a memoir. There are many journeys written in his memoir and it may become best legacy of Tony Blair.


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