Resignation Letter to Whom It May Concern

Sometimes you have to leave your current job, whatever reason you have.

This is quite normal in life and there is nothing to worry about. The most important, you have to do it the right way.

One of ways to leave good impression to your employer is by making resignation letter to whom it may concern.

How to write this resignation letter?

Generally, resignation letter is addressed to your employer either it is to director, manager, or others.

In case you do not know exactly to whom the letter is intended, your resignation letter may use to whom it may concern.

It will make your letter formal, at the same time professional.

How to Write Resignation Letter to Whom It May Concern

The essence of resignation letter is to let your employer know that you are leaving.

This allows the company to start transition process to replace your position.

Personally, this letter gives good impression and this is important to maintain your reputation in the workplace.

So, learn how to write resignation letter in the right way.

1. Use professional greeting

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Since this is a to whom it may concern letter, you do not have any idea who will receive the letter.

However, this is not a reason not to be polite.

To deal with this, you need to use professional greeting.

Based on many resignation letter samples or contoh surat pengunduran diri out there, you may use To Whom It May Concern, Dear Sir, or Dear Madam.

2. State your intention

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The point of any resignation letter is delivering your intention to leave the job in the most polite manner.

No need to include your personal feeling to the letter.

At this point, you have made a decision and this letter reflects your decision.

It is recommended to use simple yet gracious language.

Choose the correct words and keep it clear and understandable.

3. Mention your end date

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When writing resignation letter, mentioning your end date is crucial.

However, many people often miss this part.

You have to inform the company when you intend to quit so that there will be no misunderstanding between you and your employer.

Make sure the date is two weeks or maximally a week ahead your resignation letter to whom it may concern.

4. Show your courtesy

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You should understand that situation can be chaotic inside the company when its employee decides to leave-at least the first one or two weeks until they find someone to replace the vacant position.

That is why you need to show your courtesy by mentioning your availability during transition period.

Or else, state that you are available to train the new employee that replaces you. This will mean so much for the company.

If the explanation above does not make you clear, there is nothing to worry about.

There are many samples of resignation letter that you can find on the internet.

The recommended site to find resignation letter samples is that provides you varieties of resignation letter, including to whom it may concern.

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