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Fish Passage 2013 Registration

The 2013 National Conference on Engineering & Ecohydrology for Fish Passage online registration is currently closed due to space limitations. To register please contact the UMass Conference Registration office at 413-577-8102.

The 2013 National Conference on Engineering & Ecohydrology for Fish Passage promises to be an important national forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange findings and experiences on fish passage issues. 

Fish Passage 2013 will be of interest to researchers, educators, practitioners, funders, and regulators who have an interest in advancements in technical fish ways, nature-like fish ways, stream restoration and stabilization, dam removal, road ecology, and the myriad of funding, safety, climate change, and other social issues surrounding connectivity projects.

This is a three-day conference with concurrent sessions in engineering, biology, and management and social issues. A poster session is also offered.

We will be accepting abstract submissions online for oral (platform) and poster presentations. The deadline for oral presentation submissions is March 1st and the deadline for poster presentation submissions is May 1st.

Conference Fees
Early Conference Registration (by April 29) – $275
Early Student Registration (by April 29) – $137.50
All registrations received after April 29, 2013 will be assessed a $40.00 late registration fee.

Conference Tours
Willamette River Based Field Trip Options
Friday, 28 June
Field Trip A: $42
Field Trip B: $42
Field Trip C: $65

Columbia River Bonneville Dam Field Trip
Saturday, 29 June

For more information on the tours please click here.

(1)  To participate in any of these tours, you must first register for the conference. You are not allowed to attend a tour without also attending the conference.

(2) The cost of these tours is not included in the registration fee and, therefore, you need to register and pay separately for them. You are encouraged to do it online prior to the conference. On-site conference registrations will not be an option because we anticipate reaching our limit of attendees before that date. On-site registration for tours may be available but we cannot guarantee this because some of the tours may sell out in advance.

(3) Tours that do not attract a minimum number of participants will be cancelled, and in such cases your tour fee will be reimbursed in full.

Cancellation Policy
Conferees canceling their registration before the close of business on June 20, 2013, will receive a full refund of their fees less a $60 cancellation-processing fee and any administrative charges. No refunds will be granted for any cancellations received after this date.