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Effective College Teaching in

STEM Disciplines Workshop

March 24 – 25, 2014

at the University of Massachusetts Amherst


Online registration for this workshop has now closed.
To register please come to the on-site registration table located on the 1st floor of the Campus Center at 8:00am on Monday,  March 24.

The College of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, and Center for Teaching & Faculty Development, are pleased to invite you to a workshop that will provide you with practical tools and strategies to make your science and engineering classes more effective.

World-renowned education researchers and STEM instructors Rebecca Brent and Richard Felder are coming to UMass Amherst to offer their workshop on Effective College Teaching in STEM Disciplines. This 1.5-day workshop, which has been given to enthusiastic audiences on six continents, will address topics like

          ·     How do students learn? How do teachers teach? What goes wrong in the process?
          ·     How can I get students actively involved in learning, even if there are 200 in the class?
          ·     How can I assess learning and skill development? How can I design tests that are both rigorous and fair?
          ·     How can new faculty members become fully effective in teaching and productive in research in 1-2 years instead
                of the usual 4-5 years?

Questions? Please contact David Ford, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering, at or 413-577-1360.